Past Speakers

Prof. Marija Lončar is an associate professor at the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split. She teaches methodological courses at the undergraduate and graduate study program in sociology. Her scientific and research areas of interest are sociological methodology, research ethics, sociology of media, sociology of youth, and sociology of the body. She participates and presents at international and national scientific conferences. Also, she actively participates in the popularization of science through public discussions, media appearances, and lectures. Currently, she is a member of the Presidency of the Croatian Sociological Association and manager of the branch office in Split, as well as the executive editor of the journal Croatian Sociological Review.

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Professor Hamutal Bar-Yosef

Hamutal Bar-Yosef is a Professor Emerita at Ben-Gurion University. Her main fields of research are the Russian context of modern Hebrew literatur; Mysticism in Hebrew poetry; Israeli women poetry. She published 6 books of literary research, about 200 scholarly articles. She is a well known Israeli writer, poet and translator, the recipient of many literary prizes.

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Dr. Wonder Juniper

Dr. Wonder Juniper is an accomplished academic and media professional with expertise in media studies, communication science, and public relations. With a diverse educational background, including a PhD in Media Studies, Dr. Juniper has demonstrated a strong commitment to academic pursuits and research. As a senior lecturer, Dr. Juniper brings extensive knowledge and experience to the classroom, fostering a dynamic learning environment for students. Additionally, Dr. Juniper's work as a radio presenter and producer at the South African Broadcasting Corporation showcases a deep understanding of the media industry and effective communication skills. With a successful track record in academia and broadcasting, Dr. Wonder Juniper is dedicated to advancing the field of media studies and making a positive impact in the academic and media communities.

Dr. Senwei Dai

Dr. Senwei Dai

Senwei Dai is currently a PhD student in the School of History at the University of Leeds in the UK. My project is John Mill's view of India. My disciplines and research areas of interest are sociological methodology, colonial studies in South Asia, and the turn of American foreign policy. I also follow China's welfare policy through my family business. At present, my main task is to try to further the topic research by going to India for field investigation.

Yossapol Chutipanyabut

Mr. Yossapol Chutipanyabut

Yossapol Chutipanyabut is a lecturer at Assumption University, and currently a Ph.D. candidate in Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. As a father of two children who witnessed his wife struggling with breastfeeding, his interest in Foucauldian discourse and narratology lead to the research that aims to study the power and discontinuity of breastfeeding discourses.

Dulshani Martinus

Ms. Dulshani Martinus

Dulshani Martinus is a highly qualified professional with a Master of Science in Psychology and Counseling and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She has extensive experience in research, covering various topics like sociology, religion, gender, ethnicity, and anthropology. Currently, she works as a Visiting Lecturer at IHRA - University of Colombo and serves as a Project Coordinator for the Sarvodaya Sharmadana Movement, reflecting her commitment to community development and social impact. Dulshani's diverse background and dedication to academia and community development make her a valuable contributor to the scholarly dialogue.

Ms. Luisa Francesca Iglio

Luisa (she/her) is currently pursuing a Philosophy Research Master's degree at Utrecht University. She holds an undergraduate degree from University College London, where she won the Matei Prize at the London University Philosophy Conference 2023. Her interests are deeply rooted in the Ethics and Politics of Gender, with a keen focus on examining gender-based structures of domination and their enforcement.

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